The Essential Rock Climbing Gear & Kit List For Beginners

Compared to a lot of other outdoor sports, rock climbing has a relatively low barrier to entry. You can go to your local gym, rent a pair of shoes, rent a harness and in no time you'll be up on the wall!

If you want your own kit, here's what you should know about the basics and rock climbing gear. So, if you want to invest in your own kit, shoes are a great place to start most importantly!

Because, the shoes that you'll be renting from your local gym will be really worn out, the rubber won't be as sticky as something that you can buy new from this store.


Best Rock Climbing Gear Package for Beginners

The longer that you own a pair of rock shoes the more comfortable they get to your feet and you want something that you can put your foot into really easily. Because, you don't want to be in too much pain when you first start out.

Something that's a little bit flatter on the bottom will allow you more comfort and you'll be able to wear these longer. So, as you get more experienced in rock climbing you can start to get into a more aggressive shoe like these two pairs I listed here.

My Recommended Climbing Shoes for Beginners

The toes on these are more down turned than what you've seen at the beginner shoe and this will allow you to do more technical climbs. 

So, when I first started rock climbing, I climbed in the Scarpa origins that I recommend to all women who starting rock climbing as beginner.

I actually found them in an REI garage sale and I recently got another pair. Because, I wear these when I'm in training, when I'm running laps on an auto belay something where I just want something really comfortable.

But still want the nice edging of the front. So, yeah, I still use these to this day. But once I started getting a little bit more aggressive in my climbing, I've been climbing in these for a whole year.

Now and I take these outside to climb inside, I would say these are my most used rock shoes!

They are super beat up! I don't go anywhere without these.

But they are more down turn than the origins and then I also have the 510 Aliens.  These are new shoes I throw on very specific hard climbs.

Where I know I need that toe on the front so the next piece of gear, I recommend investing in is a harness most rental harnesses are just a piece of webbing and they're pretty uncomfortable.

Rock Climbing Harness for Newbie

If your project being anything hard in them, so a basic harness like the Black Diamond Momentum Harness you can't really go wrong!

With a harness as long as it's comfortable and fits your body well. so, I climbed in this harness for a couple years and it served me.

Well, it was really comfortable, but recently I've actually upgraded to the Black Diamond Solution Men's Harness. You can also check Women Black Diamond Solution Harness here. Because it's a little less bulky and I found it to be more comfortable a while as projecting harder routes. 

Best Locking Carabiner for Beginners

Where I was up on the wall longer and taking harder Falls another piece of essential gear is a locking carabiner.

You need one of these to belay, so this is a super essential piece of gear.

The only difference between a lot of these is the closing mechanism. So, I would just make sure you get one that you enjoy using. So, make sure you like it. The Black Diamond is really great in feature.

Belay Devices for Beginners

Next, Let's talk about belay devices. An ATC & Petzl Grigri are two popular belay devices that you'll mostly see in a gym. There's a lot of differences between these two devices and you need the right education to use these.

So, make sure you are taking the right courses before you just go out and buy these. The Black Diamond ATC-XP is a lot cheaper than the Petzl Grigri and oftentimes it comes with your harness. 

So there's nothing wrong with the ATC-XP, but personally I always use the Grigri. There's just a couple more safety features that I personally really like using. But it is way more expensive than a standard ATC.

Best Climbing Chalk Bag for Beginners

Next, let's talk about Chalk. You're gonna need a bag to hold your chalk inside of and there's a couple styles you should be aware of. Boulders! You'll often see carrying what we call a bucket style bag.

This holds a lot more chalk than a standard hand clip-on and it unrolls at the top. Oftentimes, you'll see some pockets on the back to hold brushes tape whatever else you like to have with you at the gym.

Another style you'll see and this is common. If you climb ropes is a style that clips on to your body like so there's just a standard drawstring sometimes. They do have pockets on the back.

This one has a small pocket, there's not a lot of differences between the clip on style bags. Choose your favorite color, let your freak flag fly, whatever floats your boat.

So, once you have all your gear you'll need something to put it inside up and take to the gym. There's a lot of different bag options out there.

No one is the right choice, but I like actually a really cheap option like a standard canvas grocery bag. I've been using this for a couple years.

Best Climbing Bag for Gym

You can't go wrong here, but if you want something a little bit more tailored to climbing, something like INOXTO Waterproof Gym Bag you can take out outdoors. 

Eventually this is a great bag from Inoxto. I've been using this for a year. So, it's a really big bucket opening shove your shoes, your climbing chalk, your whatever else you need to take with you. 

You can also try, Large Duffel Backpack Sports Gym Bag which has extra shoe compartment and comes with water resistant heavy duty features.

It has more of a structured back so if you're hiking or anything like that.

It's gonna be a better option for you more long-term. So, these are the basics for everything you need to start gym climbing. 

Obviously, there's a lot of other options than what I talked about here. But hopefully it gives you a good place to start out.

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