Best Women’s Climbing Harness with Buying Guide

If you are searching the Best Women's Climbing Harness, then you need to understand the basic difference between men's harness and women's rock climbing harnesses.

The body shape of an women and a men are not same. By nature, women get wider hips compared to a men. Height and weight also a reason women's needed to wear different harnesses than the men for the better comfort and ease of use.

Most of the people don't know How to Identify a Women's Harness for Climbing?


A common difference you will notice on the women harness and men harness is the rise. The rise basically refers the distance between leg loops and the waist belt.

Women's harness gets longer rise than the men's harness to accommodate the wider hips. 

You can also identify the women's climbing harness comparing the curve on it. Women's Climbing Harness comes with more curve than the men's harness, so, it gets fit on women's body perfectly.

This ensure the better comfort when you wear the harness.

Both, women and men harnesses comes at many different sizes. So, you need to stay aware of the size of harnesses. Don't get confused with a large men harness and specially built women harness.

Top 10 Best Women’s Climbing Harness - Features & Advantages

You will find various type of climbing harness available in the market. Women's specific, sport climbing, traditional climbing and ice climbing harness are some common type of climbing harnesses that people often use.

Here we are listing all popular type of climbing harnesses for women to help you identify the perfect harness effectively.

Black Diamond Primrose Women's Harness

Black Diamond Primrose Women's Harness is specially build harness for women that has men's version also. Men's version is named Momentum Harness. 

This harness is great for the beginner climber coming with exceptional features. We recommend Black Diamond Primrose Harness as it has everything you would want in a harness.

With four gear loops, an adjustable leg loops and easy rise it provides a comfortable use on your climbing. Comparatively, it's much affordable and comes with many different sizes.

If you are choosy about colors, you have six different color options to choose. This is a synthetic material made climbing harness comes with four different size variations.

If you are a newbie women rock climber, you must try this excellent Women Harness to ensure safety and comfort on your climbing.

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PETZL Women's Luna Climbing Harness

PETZL Women's harness is just an alternative of PETZL Adjama Men's Harness. Same harness, Adjama in a men’s version and the Luna in the women’s.

This is a great four season harness, whether you’re climbing in the gym and want something adjustable or you’re doing a mix of rock and ice climbing.

First thing you’ll notice is they have adjustable leg loops, making it easy to accommodate layers in the winter and cinch back up for climbing in the gym or sport crags in the summer.

All three buckles are a speed style buckle, very easy to adjust and they don’t need to be doubled back, so it’s once less thing to be worried about when you’re getting ready to climb.

They have reinforced tie-in points that's usually the first thing I wear out on a harness. They’ve shrunk down the belay loop by using some smaller bar tacking.

This makes belay devices feel like they operate a little smoother. Little less cluttered if you start putting a personal anchor system on your harness.

Being a true Four Season Women Harness, you’ll have an ice clipper slot on each side, great for attaching your tools to on repel, racking your screws making them easy to find.

You’ll also find they have four gear loops, the front loops are a little bit larger where you’ll be carrying most of your gear. The rear loop is a little larger than on some of the older versions and larger than on the Petzl Sama.

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PETZL Women's Selena Climbing Harness

Selena Climbing Harness is tailored to women's physique; padded with waist-belt and leg loops. If you love to wear the harness on your hips, this harness will be a perfect choice for you.

PETZL Women's Selena Climbing Harness provides maximum flexibility to adjust your harness when you climb. It evenly distributes the load into the leg and waist.

Women specific rise provides a comfortable wear for longer use. Not only the rise, most of the features are customized and adjusted to fit on women body.

Another detail on comfort the thigh loops are also adjustable.

The leg loops are relatively thick but perfect so summer when not wearing much. The belt is easily adjustable; The women model fits well on the women anatomy.

The thigh loops adjust perfectly to all shapes. It's important to adjust very well the harness for security. So finally if you feel like still being alive after a day of climbing, you need a harness!

Selena Women's Rock Climbing Harness is affordable price harness available in various sizes. You can pick the perfect size harness when you order your harness.

Obviously the PETZL Women's Selena Climbing Harness can bring all the security needed specially in case of a fall. Talking about falling

This is a very good option. It will last long; it's comfy, secure and will evolve with your climbing abilities.

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EDELRID Jayne III Climbing Harness - Women's

The reality is there's so much gear on the market.  How can you know what to buy?

When shopping for a harness we need to look at 3 things. The type of climbing, comfort and security.

So, if you're a beginner and unsure about the type of climbing you want to specialize in, the all-rounder like the Jayne III Women's Climbing Harness is an excellent choice.

It's a great harness if you want to do a bit of everything: Top rope, sport, and even trad.

It's good to know the amount of accessories the harness can hold. Normally the accessory loops can only carry up to 13 pounds. 

Usually you can have a lot of quickdraw to carry. So if you have a lot, it's important the loops to be rigid. So your gear doesn't flip flop or all goes into 1 spot.

When top roping, you'll only have very minimal gear. And when you get to the top, a bit of stress comes in, it's good to have the loops easily accessible.

If you make a good choice while shopping and go for one like EDELRID Jayne III Climbing Harness - Women's, it will last you many years.

In fact, Edelrid proposes a lifetime of 10 years on the Jayne III. Of course, this depends on your frequency of use. By the way, there's a model for men; the Jay III, in case you want for your partner!

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Black Diamond Women's Momentum Harness Package

Rock climbing is kind of an investment, takes a lot of time, takes a lot of energy and lot of money as well. I know that kind of makes a lot of people a little bit hesitant to get into it.

Being little tricky can save your time money and hard work to identify the best climbing equipment for you. 

So I've got the perfect package for those of you are thinking about getting into rock climbing. Black Diamond Momentum Harness Package!.

You will get all the belay device, harness, carabiner and more if you  go with this harness package. The belay device, the Black Diamond ATC XP is included here.

This is really cool piece of equipment all your are getting in package.

You will also get a real nice, real heavy-duty good carabiner as well. 

Rock climbing is something really hard without a chalk bag. With the package, you will get a little nice black diamond chalk bag looks just like a mojo chalk bag.

On the inside you will get a chalk ball, so that's pretty much sets you up there and then of course the harness itself.

Momentum harness is a great starter harness, really good piece of equipment and I know people that have had theirs for years that are still using it just because they're comfortable with it.

They really like the harness as it's lightweight, really good in quality. This is perfect for those of you looking to get into this for incredible sport, then Black Diamond Momentum Harness is awesome.

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Mammut Togir 3 Slide Harness - Women's

Mammut Togir Harness comes with all standard features for women's. There are four gear loops on all of it. The construction of this harnesses is such amazing and capable to carry heavy load.

So that the webbing that forms the weight-bearing parts actually splits and so one side traces around one edge of the harness and the other goes around the top edge of the harness.

The full width spreads of the belt force keep the harness edges free to flex a little bit. Some other harnesses have used the tape along, but you don't get the breathability. 

The entire width of the harness a lot of laminated harnesses cover the entire width and it's just as supportive but this allows us to use a perforated foam mesh materials that breathe really well.

You'll see single pass buckles on both the waist and the legs that way you. Don't forget to double back your harness back if you're ice climbing and mountaineering.

If you want to use gloves or mittens, it's easier to do it that way and then to things that are unique to Mammut Togir 3 Slide Harness is the indicator webbing.

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Black Diamond Technician Harness - Women's

Black Diamond technician harness the harness for the climber who wants a true all-round performer. The technician harness is at home on all types of terrain and climbing types.

It is a matter of use for triad ice alpine climbing or all of them the technician takes everything in its stride. 

The common features of this harness is it has adjustable leg loops and has black diamonds fusion comfort technology for superior support.

The range of motion the harness is covered with a durable shell to shrug off rock abrasion and stand up to bad weather it has for reinforced gear loops which will easily hold your biggest trad rack and for ice clipper slots for ice.

Screw clippers sold separately; this women's model comes with different fit and padding positioning and the harness packs down into a small package.

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Mammut - Women's Ophir 3 Slide

You've seat on hundreds of harness, but it can be a right piece of gear for you. The Ophir 3 is lightweight and come along with simple design. This affordable excellent harness has freedom of movement and has excellent ease of hanging.

One of the feature I like on Ophir 3 are the side block buckles found on the waist and leg loops.

This buckle allow for quick adjustment and maintaining the correct double back configuration.

The buckles along with an adjustable leg loops make the Ophir 3 very easy to put on and take off. On the top of the harness there has four gear loops to hold all of your draws, carabiners and other gears.

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Black Diamond Zone Harness - Women's

Black Diamond Zone harness has both men's and women's model available in stores. The big difference with the women's is it's slightly different fit.

It's a really great full-featured lightweight sport climbing harness. Very thin through the waist and legs, very low-profile out of the way for when you're pulling those hard moves.

It uses the same technology in the solution with three pieces of webbing. So for a lightweight harness it's actually really comfortable.

It's great having a harness these days, you can put on for send burns on a really hard project but still hang out in while you're working the moves.

You do have two full-size gear loops, so while it's geared towards lightweight sport climbing, if you climb a little trad you can get a light rack on there.

And there are ice clipper slots on each side, so if you go ice climbing a couple times a year, you don't have to get a new harness.

It's not the best harness for hanging out at really long extended belays because is it's not most comfortable. But as a lightweight sport climbing harness it gives you some flexibility, it's a great way to go. 

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Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness - Women's

You want a harness that's comfortable and designed for the type of climbing you'll be doing, whether it's trad, sport, or big wall climbing as a sport climber.

You can go with the Black Diamond Solution Harness. It's designed specifically for sport climbing with a fair amount of padding but not as much as trad specific harnesses which are made extra cozy for hanging blaze and longer multi-pitch climb.

The gear loops have plenty of space for racking up quick draws but might be a little tight for a full rack of camps.

Thanks to wide leg loops and a waist belt built with triple weave webbing.

This harness moves with you but it also offers great load distribution which I really appreciate. After a few big whips on my project or during a long belay and on days when the temps are less than ideal, the soft breathable quick-drying mesh lining will keep you cool.

The solution comes in four sizes - X-small, Small, Medium and Large. For women's and men's versions every harness has its own unique sizing. So be sure to check out the rock climbing harness sizing chart we covered.

This harness fits perfectly for the elastic leg loops mean you don't have to fuss with buckles every time. You step into your harness and the auto-locking waist belt offers a precise fit that you don't have to worry about.

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How to Choose Best Rock Climbing Harness for Women? Women Climbing Harness Buying Guide

The body shape, curves on hip and height of women are some reason women use different type of harness than men. When you go to purchase a harness for women, you must consider these factors.

If you are a beginner and don't have any idea about harness types, you must consult with your trainer or climbing adviser. This will help you getting a climbing harness effectively.

You can also follow our list of Top 10 Best Harness for Women's to find best harness effortlessly. We listed all the women's model here along with some suggestions for your partner as well.

All the harnesses listed here are suitable for women. If you are a newbie at harness selection, you can compare the features, price and usability among them. Depending on your climbing type you can pick the perfect harness for you.

Disclosure: We are affiliated with Amazon LLC. We may earn commission if you choose to purchase any recommended product from our list at no extra cost to you!.

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